May 30th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Brett 5

It takes time to break down a straight man's pride. Brett has been thoroughly disciplined but he still can't accept that he only exists as a sexual object for men's constant use. He's suspended naked in the middle of the room and struggles against his restraints as he's desperate to cover himself. Nor can he prevent us from skilfully stroking his penis and rousing his sex drive so that he grows a great big thick hard on.

May 23rd 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Oliver 10

Oliver is fucking terrified as he’s in the most vulnerable position imaginable for a straight man! We’ve tied this muscle boy so his legs are fully spread. There’s nothing between us and his arsehole but a thin layer of white fabric. All it takes is a little snip to destroy those tight pants and his bum is fully exposed and his hefty genitals are released. Oliver’s only pathetic defence is to promise he’ll get his revenge, but that won’t be happening while he’s in this helpless state.

May 16th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Brett 4

Straight Brett has endured a vicious punishment and the naive bastard foolishly believes he'll be released now that we've had our wicked way with him. But what this fucker needs to understand is that his masculine body entirely belongs to us now. To ensure his total degradation we're going to send a video of him in this slutty state to everyone he knows so his reputation will be permanently trashed!

May 9th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Cal 10

We love to see this big hairy stupid straight brute stark naked and bound with his arms and legs akimbo. He'll do anything to break free from his binds and stop us from pervily looking at, groping and licking his strong healthy body. But we've tied him so tight there is no escape! Nor can he stop his own beastly instincts as his todger is skilfully stroked till he's got a great big stonking boner.

May 2nd 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Brett 3

Feisty hetero Brett believes if he could only tear himself free from the ropes binding him to this exam table and gather up his mates he will reclaim his masculine honour. But there is no going back now that we've taken full control of his body and cock. A shiny ball gag is stuffed in his gob to stop him mouthing off. It's time to seize full possession of his proud penis.

April 25th 2023
Charlie 1

Encouraged by his friends,18 year old Charlie daringly infiltrates the Mancastle locker room. This is the biggest rush he's ever felt in his life! Walking through the players' private space that stinks of the sportsmen's sweat and touching their actual clothes he's in heaven. The pleasure of making such an intimate connection with these men that he idolizes is enhanced by the danger and the trouble he might get in if he's caught. Little does he know how this dream come true is about to turn into a nightmare

April 18th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Cal 10

Straight man Cal is proud of his tough muscular body so he finds it utterly humiliating being sexually objectified by another man and viciously punished. Aaron gets off on degrading this fucker so that Cal feels utterly worthless. He orders the hunk to strip buck naked and present his big luscious arse like a whore. Aaron whacks that manly rump till its bruised red and smarting. Cal won't be able to sit down without wincing for weeks!

April 12th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Brett 2

Given that hetero Brett is restrained so he can't move his arms or legs, he resorts to promising his mates will come fuck us up. The problem is that his buddies are nowhere in sight and as soon as they see the way his arse has been ruthlessly pounded they will join in his mockery. We silence him and hoist up his legs so we can pervily grope his bulge and the moist crack of his arse.

APRIL 4th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Cal 8

Hetero Cal looks so hot tied up naked like a big hairy restrained beast. That heavy set of cock and balls hang between his legs near his vulnerable exposed arsehole. He's so potent and virile it's easy to excite that dick until its heavy and tumescent. Cal is furious that a man's skilful touch can make him erect. But he's even angrier when his thick cock is tightly bound and clamped causing him acute intimate pain. Look at that bulging cock head and balls squeezed to the point of bursting!

March 28th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Brett 1

Brett arrives for an interview dressed to impress and we can't resist nabbing this sexy straight young candidate to see what he's got under that suit. As he's cuffed and suspended to the ceiling Brett is consumed with fury. We like that he's full of fight and spunk as we take possession of this hairy arrogant bastard. Though he's protective of his expensive duds he ought to be more worried about his precious arse.

March 21st 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Cal 7

This tough straight bastard wants to keep his cool, but when he's stark naked and fully tied up with his arsehole completely exposed he can't stop panicking. There's nothing he can do to protect his precious bum except shout and pull against his restraints making his big muscles appealingly bulge out. We even deny him his ability to object by taping up his noisy gob. It's time to punish this proud man as the lowly slave that he's become and give his rump a sound beating.

March 14th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Anton 10

Hetero Anton is furious about being tied down in nothing but a revealing jock strap. He refuses to give us the satisfaction of showing his alarm, but we have ways of getting this bastard to react to his sexual discipline. A bit is secured in this stallion's gob so his mouth is fixed in a constant scream. Adrian rams a wet digit up the fucker's tight arsehole. He can feel this straight boy's prostate and he insistently presses on it while stroking his glans.

March 7th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Anton 9

Straight punk Anton still foolishly believes he's entitled to wear clothing. As our property he's required to be naked and on display at all times. We want to see his bare arse pointed in the air and spread! The bastard has been trained to instantly obey any order or the punishment will be severe so when he's commanded to strip he instantly obeys. That bum deserves a good lashing!

February 28th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Cal 6

Hetero Cal is a real macho cocky bastard. He thinks because he's pumped up and tough he can take whatever punishment we dish out to him. But this dickhead is going to get a lesson in discipline which will permanently fuck him up! Stripping off his sporty top we see just how muscular he's become. That broad hairy chest feels like warmed metal. His arms are secured behind his back so tightly that the veins stick out prominently.

February 21st 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Anton 8

Hetero Anton is such an incorrigible bastard cursing and spitting at us. He needs to be disciplined and taught his place! His tighty whities are wedged right up his crack so they slice painfully into his bum hole. Those pants are destroyed leaving him fully exposed. We introduce him to our zapper and how we can cause the most excruciating shock to the most sensitive parts of his body with the press of a little button.

February 14th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Leon 5

Sexy bearded hetero Leon wants to be a champion swimmer and he knows that there's no better discipline training than a severe lesson in sexual obedience. Only this can give him the laser sharp focus to cut through the water and get the gold. The stupid straight bonehead has no fucking idea the depths of degradation we'll push him through. We order him to peel off his clothes so we can gaze upon his bare body and know exactly what we're dealing with.

February 7th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Anton 7

Straight boy Anton has a constant look of insolent anger on his face. That expression combined with his manly tattooed body makes us even more eager to discipline this smug bastard. His arms are firmly bound behind his back so there is no way for him to escape or fend us off. We twist and pull his sensitive nipples making him sharply draw in his breath.

January 31st 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Leon 4

Straight swimming champ Leon arrives for what he thinks will be a routine physical. But as he's systematically stripped and restrained he objects to the unusual way he's made to display himself. Like all stupid athletes he does as he's told and bends to authority. That pert muscular arse is so tight it needs to be loosened. And his healthy cock is prone to stiffening and popping out of his speedos at any moment. We need to fully take him in hand.

January 24th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Anton 6

Hetero plumber Anton thinks he can bend over waving his arse at us while tinkering with the pipes and there will be no consequences. We can't be expected to gaze at that delicious bum crack and not want to ravage that arse! We nab him and tie him to the exam table. Stripped down to nothing but his pants and with his limbs secured in place, he's furious and tense all over. We relax him by attaching poppers under his nose. The fumes break down all his inhibitions and resistance.

January 17th 2023
Breeder Fuckers
Leon 3

Keeping hetero Leon in this bound and exposed position means that the most private parts of his manly body are completely vulnerable. As he's bent over with a gag in his mouth he howls in anger which causes saliva to pour from his gob in an utterly humiliating way. He shakes with rage as we grind against his bare arse. He needs to be trained to comply. Dave gives him such a vicious flogging he desperately fights against his restraints with every muscle in his body.

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